Mommy Me!

As a first time mother, there are always questions in one’s mind. In fact once you become a mother, baby is on your mind 24×7, and frankly you do not get time for thinking else-way especially if you are staying away from home in a metro city. Its like you are on a non stop thinking journey of what next. Did I give feed my baby enough, did I change the baby on time, did I clean well, did the baby sleep well, did i give the baby a good bath? OMG seriously!

All the time one is constantly putting oneself under pressure. Is it only me? I think most of the new mothers are like that and I think I am still less paranoid than some other mothers(no offence). But as time goes, and the baby grows, my little missy is 8 months now you do realise that the baby just needs to be. She just needs few basic- food, sleep, a bath, loads of playing and unconditional LOVE (as of now I have started thinking being wet and dirty does not bother her ;). What you also realize is that you need to do something else as well, you miss your job, you miss doing other stuff which you love. Everyone needs time for themselves, like the baby loves to play, mommy also needs to do what she loves; hence this blog which is an expression of me, where I plan to share thoughts on motherhood, digital media, our society, child growth and learning and many more.. .

There is no limit to our thoughts, is there? Would love to hear back from you all:)



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