Are we really tolerant?

Last year there was a widespread debate on whether India was becoming intolerant. We saw celebrities being dragged into the conversations but the ruling leaders stressed that yes India was tolerant and many news channels/ media nodded to the verdict. Anyone who did not agree to this statement was termed anti-national!

Now that a year has passed, situation should have improved; a year is quite a long time. Instead, what we are witnessing today further boost to the egos of so called gau rakshaks and suppression of the minority. Brutal murders for the slightest hint of beef, mob lynching, sedition charges on a particular group to the worst silence of the press. A group of people in name of religion think they are above the law, or as if they know that the law cannot do anything against them.

What is happening? Who are these mobs? Are they educated? Do they know what they are doing? How can someone kill another person? What are we becoming? Aren’t these mobs a reflection of a section of society? Were the silent spectators watching in approval or were they too scared of the mob? Are they not scared that one day the mob could be attaching them or their families?

The mob can be anyone it does not have an identity, it doesn’t belong to any religion but it seems it belongs to an agenda. It seems similar to the birth of terrorism. Terrorism- it doesn’t belong to a religion but it is governed by a set of ideologies preached to individuals. Individuals who felt they were wronged by the ruling system, who felt that no one listens to them and hence take the unwanted path.

Are these instances itself not giving a reason to the so-called minorities to fight back? When the system doesn’t support its people, what course would the people take? Is this not what we faced in Kashmir and are still bearing the repercussions for the same?

It is high time that the system accepts that there is intolerance, that there are individuals who feel scared while exercising their basic rights.  And it is not a particular religion who feels threatened, it is anyone irrespective of the religion, caste and creed who voices their opinion and are termed anti- national. Speaking, eating as per ones’s choices cannot be termed anti- national. Our constitution gives us these basic rights.

As citizens of this great democratic nation, who is proud to have different religions, communities, languages all under one nation, a nation as diverse as ours. Let’s cherish each other and the uniqueness everyone has to offer. How would a world be if everything was same?

Why such hatred? This country belongs to everyone, and the diversity makes this country so special. Our soldiers do not carry their religion card, they carry guns and do their duty. Let us make this nation great again. We can be great again if we realise each others potential and work towards it. We will not grow if we have such hatred in our hearts for our own people, it will bring only loss. Our past should have taught us that communal riots only lead to destruction and pull back the economy by decades.

Let’s break this silence, and speak out for others before the mob attacks us and hate wins. Let love prevail, let us be together and fight this mob- Do not let the mob be greater than the people of India. United we stand, divided we fall.





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