ANOTHER RAPE! When will this change? Who can bring about the change?

A women was gang raped and her 9 month old baby was thrown out of a moving vehicle, the baby died. This news surfaced few days back, it shook me as it would have many other mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers. Even after the Nirbhaya verdict of capital punishment, such hideous crimes are... Continue Reading →


Breastfeeding- Is it that important? My Story

Today, my baby is solely formula fed and perfectly fine. For all the mothers who keep feeling guilty- please stop doing so. If you can breastfeed- great, it you cannot- still great!

Mommy Me!

Everyone needs time for themselves, like the baby loves to play, mommy also needs to do what she loves; hence this blog which is an expression of me, where I plan to share thoughts

Are we really tolerant?

Why such hatred? This country belongs to everyone, and the diversity makes this country so special. Our soldiers do not carry their religion card, they carry guns and do their duty. Let us make this nation great again, the golden bird as it was called. We will not grow if we have such hatred in our hearts for our own people, it will bring only loss. Our past should have taught us that communal riots only lead to destruction and pull back the economy by ages

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